Meet Summer

Hi, I’m Summer and I’m from the small town of Pamplico. Throughout my whole life I’ve always looked for creative outlets whether it be through painting, music, digital art, 3D modeling, and of course, hair. I love doing different things with hair, but my favorites are vivids, men’s cuts, and anything unusual such as the modern mullet or avant garde styles. I think the thing that I love most about doing hair is the artistic part of it. 


Outside of doing hair, I enjoy spending time with my horse, Cas. He’s an ex-racehorse, but he’s been converted to a jumper. One thing I’ve learned from owning and training a horse is that communication is key, and I find that the same concept applies to doing hair. I remember the feeling of going to salons and coming out with something that wasn’t what I asked for. It wasn’t because the stylists were bad or poorly taught, it was because there was a lack of communication somewhere. My goal is to prevent that from happening in my chair, because I’ve been there and it’s not fun. So, if you want some adventurous hair, I hope to see you in my chair soon at

Wind + Willow!